• Oct '18 - Utrecht

    BAK Fellowship 2018/2019

    Proud to announce to be one of the ten Fellows who got a 2018/2019 research position at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht. I am going to develop a curriculum of #CommunityLearnings and developing test sites to enact trainings for the “Not Yet.” #TrainingForTheNotYet
  • Sep '17 - 2525 Pennsylvania Ave, Philadelphia

    Philadelphia Assembled

    Exhibition view \'City Panorama
    Exhibition view \'City Panorama
    Philadelphia Assembled joins art and civic engagement. Shaped by hundreds of collaborators, it tells a story of radical community building and active resistance. Challenging, inspiring, and as big as the city, Philadelphia Assembled asks: how can we collectively shape our futures?
  • Apr '17 - Homebaked, Liverpool

    'This is not about gentrification’

    A cooperative bakery in the shadow of Liverpool FC’s stadium is aiming to transform a derelict terrace into affordable homes for the local community. As Liverpool FC’s Anfield stadium gleams in the April sunshine, the abandoned, steel-shuttered houses cowering in its shadow serve as a poignant reminder of the impact developments can have on their host communities.
  • Sep '16 - Veem House for Performance Amsterdam

    Book launch What's the Use?

    What's the Use? Constellations of Art, History, and Knowledge (Valiz, Van Abbemuseum, L'Internationale, 2016), is a collection of essays on the 'uses' of art. The starting point of the Reader is that art is an integral part of social, economic, and political processes, and that it is best understood in dialogue with these contexts, rather than as a 'thing in itself'. In their contributions, artists and writers explore the exchange between art, use, knowledge and history; now and in the past.
  • Sep '16 - Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam


    Thursday 8 September from 20.00 hrs, Rotterdam Cultural Histories #9: Manifesta 1 Revisited will open in the shared space between TENT and Witte de With. This ninth edition revolves around Manifesta 1, the travelling European biennale that had its very first edition in Rotterdam from June to August 1996. Through never before shown archival and video material, this edition of Rotterdam Cultural Histories aims to shed some light on the coming about of the first Manifesta Biennale and the artworks shown.
  • Jun '16 - DAMN Magazine

    Article in DAMn #58


    Jeanne van Heeswijk sees herself as a mediator, an intermediary between a situation, a space, a neighbourhood, and the people connected therewith. Encountering and communicating are key concepts in her practice. She only acts once the nuances of the context have been thoroughly determined.

  • Jun 17, 2019 building houses *in the news* #MoreThanAPie #HousingStruggles #CooperativeEconomies #TrainingfortheNotYet Link in bio
  • Jun 5, 2019 Collective (at the End of Time) With For About: Art & Democracy conference. Two weeks ago in St Helens @ourheartofglass #WithForAbout #repost @jocapper ・・・ Always bowled over by seeing this one. Thank you @jeanneworks for bringing us back to life ❤️ @ourheartofglass
  • Jun 1, 2019 on the Afrikaanderwijk in the Gemaal op Zuid w/#SchaduwkabinetvanZuid #repost @gemaalopzuid ・・・ Vorige week hadden we het “schaduwkabinet” van Zuid + gasten op bezoek in het kader van de Wider Perspectives tentoonstellingsserie. Deze groep ging, onder leiding van programmamaker Malique Mohamud, in gesprek en op zoek naar vormen om de huidige leefwereld van mensen op Zuid en haar diversiteit kracht bij te kunnen zetten met alle veranderingen die op komst zijn. Vandaag was het tweede werk uit de Wider Perspectives serie, gemaakt door Studio L A, nog voor het laatst te zien in het Gemaal. Foto’s door @lavinia_xausa #widerperspectives #border #schaduwkabinet #publiekprogramma
  • May 14, 2019 Collective (at the End of Time) #repost@bakbasis EXTINCTION REBELLION On Monday 13 May 2019 at 19.00 hrs, BAK hosts a gathering of Extinction Rebellion. This gathering is an induction meeting for all those already briefly involved in XR from Utrecht and nearby areas. This meeting focuses on the organizational structure of XR and how to become actively involved. After a short general introduction, participants will brainstorm together in small working groups. If you aren’t yet involved in XR’s actions, but very interested in becoming so, you are welcome to join! Extinction Rebellion’s call to action: The last two weeks of Rebellion in the Netherlands have been amazing, and a lot of people have decided to stand up and take action for climate justice. However, this was just the beginning, a mere preview of the uprising to come as Extinction Rebellion Utrecht puts its demands to the Municipality and takes action until they are met. Extinction Rebellion (XR) describe themselves as a non-violent movement which surprises with their artistic actions to wake up fellow citizens and governments. Everyone can join the movement as long as you share the same sentiments about loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis. ’Time is running out’ is the consensus: we are in the 6th mass extinction. In the series ‘BAK, basis voor…’, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst hosts organizations in order to work towards addressing shared urgencies and developing propositions for “being together otherwise.” The series leads to a project convened by artist Jeanne van Heeswijk at BAK from September 2019–January 2020, consisting of research, community learnings, performative workshops, artworks, learning objects, and conversations.
  • Apr 23, 2019 egg leftover, found! #hatchingplans #StudioJeanneworks #BAKutrecht
  • Apr 9, 2019 • @bakbasis BAK, BASIS VOOR | New Women Connectors In the series ‘BAK, basis voor…’, BAK joins forces with other organizations in addressing shared urgencies and developing propositions for being together otherwise. On Friday 12 April 2019, a new gathering of BAK, basis voor New Women Connectors takes place, called: Let’s Mobilize for a Europe We Want: Voices of New Women. During this gathering, migration policies are discussed by and with refugees and migrants, in the context of the upcoming European elections. New Women Connectors believe that in this time of normalization of far-right populism and contemporary fascisms, it is urgent to develop proposals to fight for a Europe respecting human dignity and fundamental rights. Three invited speakers—Voices—share their work through presentations followed by discussions. The Voices are Anila Noor, refugee activist and founder of the New Women Connectors, Marlon Toledo Lacsamana, LGBTQ and migrant activist born and raised in the Philippines, and Reshad Jalali, refugee activist and Policy Officer at the European Council on Refugees and Exiles, Brussels. The gathering takes place at BAK on 12 April 2019 from 14.30-17 hrs, and will be in English. Please register for the event by 7 April 2019 by email to This information will be shared with BAK for organizational purposes. This gathering is part of a collaboration between BAK and New Women Connectors in the framework of a series BAK, basis voor… It takes place within the context of a forthcoming project initiated by artist Jeanne van Heeswijk and BAK from September–December 2019. @newwomenconnectors is a platform that strives to connect newcomers and migrants, with a strong focus on women, and to amplify the voices of those who often feel voiceless. Photo: Rob Godfried