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'A Piece of Cake' at Art Rotterdam

Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, 2013
6 feb '13
'A Piece of Cake', Architectural model, sound recording, 2012
750(l) X 700 (b) X 400 (h) mm
and 'Bricks for London, Anfield Liverpool 2012', Photo, 2013
260 (l) x 400 (b) cm

“Housing is the battlefield for our time and the home is its monument.”

2Up 2Down/Homebaked is a project in which residents of Anfield & Breckfield, North Liverpool are taking steps to reimagine their neighbourhood, which has been the site of many large-scale regeneration initiatives.The model shows the plans to redesign the former Mitchell’s Bakery and the two terraced houses next door. The soundtrack is taken from a guided tour to Anfield and tells the story of a community’s struggle to take matters into their own hands.
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