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Design Staalmanpark receives green light

Staalmanpark, slotervaart amsterdam, 2006
1 mar '06
As part of the Face Your World project Jeanne van Heeswijk and Dennis Kaspori worked from January till July 2005 in Amsterdam Slotervaart on the design of a new neighborhood park. With the Interactor software youngsters and inhabitants of the Staalmanplein area worked in the StedelijkLab Slotervaart on a design that is attractive for users from various cultures and ages. On the 1st of March the city of Amsterdam called both the design and the process that lead to it an example for other projects and agreed to build the park as it was designed.

The park won't be ready before 2009, but till that time various elements of the park will be further developed in the StedelijkeWerkplaats Slotervaart. The first element is a statue for the park named De Staalman. The statue will be a cooperative project by artist Florentijn Hofman, youngsters of the Blauwe Olifant and Stichting Maatwerk.

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