Homebaked community bakery is holding a Bake Off!

197-199 Oakfield Road, Liverpool, Nov 2012

Lynn showing backed goods arriving
Lynn showing backed goods arriving
This Monday, at seven pm, Homebaked is having a Housewarming. It’s a chance for people who haven’t been in for a while to come back and catch up; it’s also a chance for brand new people to come along – people who never shopped at Mitchells, or people who need an excuse to come by. After all, it’s not like we have an oven yet, so you can’t pop in for a pie yet.
So we’ve invited everyone we can think of, and now we’re inviting you! We’ve invited the lovely people at our local community centres, churches, shops and cafes. We’ve invited our board, our regulars, and our team (who twitter have named The Loafters). We’ve invited Jay Rayner, the foodie star of BBC1’s flagship light entertainment programme, The One Show, who’s bringing a film crew to put us on telly.
As with any housewarming, the only thing we ask is that you bring us something yummy. We have a Panel of celebrity judges, including author Debby Morgan and baker Gary Hindley, and of course Jay Rayner. We have a superstar compere lined up too, our” carl with a c” – also known as Graham, the man who brings The Anfield Home Tour to life.

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