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The Ontology of the Bagel Cart

1 may '01
Author: Martin Lucas
Published in: Archis 5/2001 Research
When artist Jeanne van Heeswijk first told me that she was intrigued by the
ubiquitous bagel carts of New York City, I was not surprised. The person
who could make a piece like 'Room with a View' that features a living space
for cultural production capable of being taken apart and reassembled on
demand in new locations is obviously in the market for a practical answer
to the problem of mobile art. And anyone who visits New York can not help
but admire our happy solution to the ongoing difficulties of providing
several million citizens with their coffee and bagels in a timely (average
waiting time less than 100 seconds) and inexpensive ($1.00 for coffee and
bagel in bag with napkin) manner.
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