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Freehouse Zuid - Wijkwaardenhuis

Pretorialaan 141, Afrikaanderwijk, Rotterdam, 2013
The Neighborhood as a Cooperative department store is an approach to conceptualize the neighbourhood with all its shops and services as one single ‘department store’ on the scale of a neighbourhood. Stakeholders and interested parties connect as co-producers to create a larger understanding of public space in the area.

Together, they make the Afrikaanderwijk a thriving community. From 2013/14 the Cooperative Store of Goods and Values (Wijkwaardenhuis) was a meeting place for production, presentation, sale, services, and knowledge exchange. The starting point was the quality already present in the area. It became the heart and brain of alternative economical, social, and cultural development in the south of Rotterdam. Located in a vacant monumental building (het Gemaal op Zuid), in the centre of the community, it formed a temporary platform with a network of cultural producers, production spaces, shops, and active inhabitants. This cooperative organization combined a market space, a knowledge centre, and a shopping mall. It was a neighbourhood service centre and information point at once and with a 3 days' 'Radicalizing the Local' closing symposium it marked the start of the Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative. is an online platform that for the first time represents all shops in the Afrikaanderwijk. The site is designed as a digital warehouse where visitors can find shops by product category or location. Shopkeepers have their own storefront to promote special products and services and there is also a possibility to add a webshop.
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