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Werthacker, 2012
Duration: 01.01.2012-01.01.2012
Location: Kaiserberg
Participants: Inhabitants of Werthacker
Visitors: Inhabitants and people visiting the exhibition
Number of Events:

With the project “Glücksspiel – Was setzt du auf’s Spiel?” (Game of luck, what do you put at stake?) a team of local and external experts travelled through the larger Kreuz Kaiserberg area and engaged in conversation around the use of the area and the ideas for its future. With a gigantic mobile gaming machine they traveled through the area in order to collect stories and display various scenarios.

The project took place in the Kaiserberg, Werthacker. Situated in the Ruhr area it is close to Germany’s western border, a small community close to one of Europe’s largest urban agglomerations. Merging Ruhr cities have resulted in the autobahn A 40 being assigned a unique centrality quite unlike its previous peripheral position, turning it into the central boulevard of a metropolis with more than six million inhabitants. As such, the Ruhr area is becoming an exemplary international laboratory for urbanization processes in the “Urban Age”
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