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Trumpington/Cambridge, 2014
Duration: 2015 - 2016
Location: Trumpington
Number of Events:

Habitorials are a growing series of individual and collective stories contributed by residents of Trumpington, people from both the older parts and the new developments. They are stories about home and sense of belonging, about memories of the past and desires for the future, about family and community, worries and hopes, gardens, kitchens, chicken and shops, about day-to-day living and about change. Some of them come in written form and follow individual narratives. Others you can enjoy in film format, exploring a theme, an issue or a question arising in the new communities springing up across Trumpington.

Inspired by the Royal Show – the UK’s premier agricultural event, which was hosted on the very land that is now home to many new residents in Trumpington – over the past year we’ve been hosting events focused on what community means to old and new residents in the Abode Show Home on Addenbrooke’s Road. Many people have grown fond of the little Show Home, which has become a space for situations, encounters, events and possibilities that rise to the surface in this process of change. pub nights to garden events, from film screenings to public discussions, we’ve provided a space where people can meet, discuss, celebrate & develop ideas for our growing community.

Now the Show Home is becoming a Public Home – with regular events run by neighbours for neighbours and a place where we can hatch ideas for new community adventures, businesses and common spaces. The Public Home is a place to perform our ideas, to negotiate hopes and to collectively imagine our future.
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