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Rotterdam, 1996
project news:
meeting from NEsTWORK team in rebuild Documentation center CBK Rotterdam
Duration: 06.1996- 09.1996
Location: CBK, De Unie, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, BAD., Rotterdam
Participants: 100
Number of events: 87 daily programmes

In May 1995, Manifesta held an open-house meeting in Rotterdam presenting a daunting challenge for artists and curators: the organisation of an international platform with the aim of creating new means of communication in visual arts.
Manifesta's ideas included notions such as a new European identity, migration, translation, communication, community, politics and more. Faced with this ever-increasing flow of concepts, van Heeswijk wondered how this was all going to take place and what role would be reserved for the artists' community of Rotterdam.
She asked the curators for a space in the artists-list for a group still to be formed, referring to the World Cup, where the hosting country is always allowed to play. Then she invited people working in different areas in the field of culture in Rotterdam, such as the visual arts, philosophy, criticism, music, dance and even the administration. They were invited on the basis of affinity, and all showed a strong engagement with the city and the ideas involved in Manifesta 1. Furthermore, they needed to be willing to work collaboratively in a non-hierarchical, self-organising group, on a process of interrogating the ideas of 'local' and 'place' during the eight months following the opening of Manifesta 1; a process in which there would be no hierarchy that privileges the artwork, text, place or even the generation of money and creation of a publicity framework. The intention was not to fully represent the city of Rotterdam - an impossible task - but, by interweaving the different narratives and connections of the people involved, to make it present. NEsTWORK was born.

NEsTWORK consisted of Karin Karin van Arink, Wapke Feenstra, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Edwin Janssen, Menna Laura Meijer, Kamiel Verschuren and Ruud Welten. Together they created eighty-seven daily programmes with activities, performances, concerts, films, lectures and debates, focussing on the notion of 'local'. NEsTWORK saw itself as an entity integrated in the friendships and networks already existing in Rotterdam and its professional field. In a time when internationalism seems to be the magic word, NEsTWORK wanted to focus on the place where the work is done. Art always takes up space. This space is never a blank page. The framework of the host determines the functions and the importance of all activities. However, when receiving a guest, the host must, in some respects, be open to different ideas as well. NEsTWORK asked itself questions about the function of place. 'How does art relate to the place where it is made or exhibited? What is the current status of visual images? What role does locality play in contemporary art?"
participants:Albert MarkusReporting in image
Ando Bv.Technical realisation
Andrew RentonAdvice concerning content, Creating space
Annabel HowlandTranslation
Babak AfrassiabiTechnical realisation
Bob GoedewaagenReporting in image
CBK RotterdamCreating space, Financial support
Centre for Dansk BildekunstFinancial support
D.J. RooldrikReporting in image
Edwin Janssen / Tracy MackennaDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Geert MulContributing one's own artwork
  :. Marc VleugelsDevelopment of the artwork, Graphic design
  :. Sikay TangContributing one's own artwork
  :. Tariq AlviContributing one's own artwork
  :. Wim SalkiDevelopment of the artwork
Hans Ulrich ObristAdvice concerning content
Hedwig FijenGraphic design
Janine SchrijverReporting in image
Kamiel VerschurenDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Aletta de JongDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Annaloes van der LeunDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Arthur ClemensDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Bart OpenheimerGraphic design
  :. BiboDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Foundation B.a.dDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Joris FishelierDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Jos BackerDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Judith SchoneveldDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Martijn BrenninkmeijerDevelopment of the artwork
  :. Robin KollemanDevelopment of the artwork
Karin ArinkDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. A. van der HeideInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Alberta PartisaniInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Alicia FramisInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Anneke van OtterlooInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Arita BaaijensInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Arjen MulderInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Bram LadageInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Elsbeth BrouwerInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Fransisco van JoleInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Gert-Jan van der VaateDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Hans van de SandeInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Herman FrankeInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. J.A. TempelmanInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Jan MathesiusInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Jasper van der MadeDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Josien LaurierInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Karin SpainkInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Kas OosterhuisInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Lies FaberInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Liorah HoekDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Lucas VerweijInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. M. BaarspulInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Mania KatsInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Marcel JohansenInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Margreet KramerInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Marleen de VriesInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Mio van der LijnInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Mirjam van der ZeeDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Monica SoetingInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Nasim KhaksarInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. P.H. ConnaughtonInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Paul IlegemsInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Pim FortuynInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Rien van der WaaDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Rob SijmonsInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Robert VernooyInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Roel SniederInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Rolandt TweehuysenInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Sander DikstraInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Ton MattonInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. W.H. MetzInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. W.J. OosterveldInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Wally de WeerdtInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Wim van EgmondInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Wout BergerInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Zef HemelInspiration/knowledge sharing
Liesbeth BikAdvice concerning content
Manifesta 1Creating space, Financial support
Marianne GerritsenText editing
Menna Laura MeyerDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. City CrusherContributing one's own artwork
  :. DCOContributing one's own artwork
  :. DJ DCSContributing one's own artwork
  :. DJ PreciseContributing one's own artwork
  :. E-LifeContributing one's own artwork
  :. Evil SonContributing one's own artwork
  :. JazzContributing one's own artwork
  :. PostmenContributing one's own artwork
  :. U-NIQContributing one's own artwork
Mondriaan StichtingFinancial support
Noëlle CuppensReporting in image, Production
Piet de JongeAdvice concerning content, Creating space
RKSFinancial support
Rotterdam FestivalsFinancial support
Ruud WeltenDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork
  :. Henk OosterlingInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Kees VuijkInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Liesbeth LevyInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Maaike EngelenInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Nathalie HoutermansInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Renée van de VallInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Richard den BraberAdvice concerning content, Inspiration/knowledge sharing, Written or oral text contribution
  :. Samuel IJsselingInspiration/knowledge sharing
Wapke FeenstraInspiration/knowledge sharing
  :. Arthur SauerContributing one's own artwork
  :. Ben SchotReporting in language
  :. Bodil NielsenDevelopment of artwork concept, Development of the artwork, Written or oral text contribution
  :. Frits SmitsReporting in language
  :. Ineke SchwartzContributing one's own artwork
  :. Jason CoburnReporting in language
  :. Riki SimonsReporting in language
  :. Shirley AzimullahReporting in language
Wessel HollemanProduction, Technical realisation, Emotional support
Zaal de UnieCreating space, Financial support
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