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Lohberg/Dinslaken, 2014
Duration: 2014 - ongoing
Location: Lohberg
Number of Events:

PARKWERK is a group of Lohberger residents and stakeholders, who develop new forms of reciprocity between the former coal mine (specifically the Bergpark) and Lohberg. The central question of this process is: How can inhabitants from Lohberg collectively negotiate and manifest their qualities in order to become co-producers of the current structural transformation of the area?

Originating from the arts commission Cheoreographien einer Landschaft, PARKWERK created concepts of use for the Bergpark, which now are evolving into a community-led and owned organization. Set up by a team of people from Lohberg, artists and other stakeholders organization will offer local jobs and opportunities for skill sharing and formal and informal learning. Thereby it creates places and opportunities of encounter and exchange between the different communities of Lohberg and visitors which will enable the area to develop a new common identity.

PARKWERK looks at this transformation not as a chain of products but a continuous process and questions how to change this in an inclusive process. A transformation of the former industrial landscape into ‘leisure green spaces’ and to explore how these can become spaces for local production again. The project took of in the fall of 2014 and questions different cultural perspectives of use and productivity of space and develops ideas around ways to occupy the transformation process of the area and how the production of the daily environment can become an incentive for work. How can the different cultural perceptions of the use of outdoor space be created communally? How can the site again become a landscape providing work and identity to the people inhabiting it?
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