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Public Faculty No. 3

Vranje, Serbia, 2012
project news:
Public Faculty No.8
performantive action, parade
performative action
performantive action
Duration: 04.28.2012 - 04.31.2012
Location: Different location in the Vranje
Participants: 25
Visitors: (80)
Number of Events: 4

Public Faculty No.3 took place in Vranje, Serbia in collaboration with the NGO Generator. Generator was founded in January of 2001 by a group of young activists from Vranje as an association of citizens with the primary aim of promoting and preserving culture, art, with a focus on youth in multiethnic southern Serbia. Over a four day period a temporary mobile statue was moved to various location in the city that are underused publicly to draw attention and spark debate around issues of publicness and public space.

The mobile statue, a base on wheels with on top the ‘old’ children’s play horse, that had ben for years located in one of the main shop, now empty.An old mechanic horse that was ridden by children in the end of eighties, and that is commonly known in Vranje. It was wheeled around the city by young people (like a parade) . Locations that were chosen were: old swimming pool Dolphin, map of the city in front of statue of "Čika Mita", the empty new Culture center, and green surface in front of Teacher education faculty. In all of these places, passers were asked to ride the horse and to give their opinion about unused public spaces, and about how they can be used, primarily for use of culture.
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