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Public Faculty No. 5

Copenhagen, 2012
project news:
Public Faculty No.8Book Public Faculty no.5 out : We Just talk!
Duration: 24.08.2012 - 27.08.2012
Location: Main shopping street Copenhagen
Participants: 14
Visitors: 90
Number of Events: 4

Public Faculty No. 5 was part of Copenhagen Art Festival

Over four afternoons, Jeanne van Heeswijk in collaboration with Rasmus Ugilt from Centre for Wild Analysis, local experts and everyone who would like to join in, will produce public signboards that comment on the financial savings measures taking place all over Europe. The open workshop will attempt to extract parts of public conversations about how we can be more inventive and sustainable in our way of life in order to make them visible in the public arena.

Public Faculty, which has previously taken place in Macedonia, the Netherlands, Serbia and England, refers to Joseph Beuys’s epochmaking work ’Richtkräfte’, an installation with 100 blackboards created for public discussion. The idea is to engage in learning by means of exchanging knowledge in a certain locality. By visualising the discourses, the signs set a rethinking of the public arena in motion through collective cultural action. Driven by a belief in the connection between art, life and space, Jeanne van Heeswijk engages herself in local communities and involves the public in social projects with communication and change as the objective. The projects take place in the public space, which is explored, reshuffled and used as a platform for interaction and cultural production to provide new communities with the possibility of growing..
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