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Room with a view (Dissonance)

Rotterdam, 1997
The curating of the exhibition 'Stroomopwaarts' in the former departure hall of the Holland-Amerika Line in Rotterdam led to a lot of commotion amongst Rotterdam artists. During the preparations in 1995, they were all occupied with the question who could participate and who could not. This hassle raised a lot of anger in Jeanne van Heeswijk. The 'Room' was there to protect her. The door of the 'Room' was closed and as a result became the sounding board for her anger. Seven 'knockers' were placed on the walls of the 'Room' that knocked on the walls to a composition by Claus van Bebber. A computer activated the knockers when someone passed the room.
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Arno van RoosmalenWritten or oral text contribution
Cathy BrickwoodText editing
Claus van BebberDevelopment of the artwork , Development of artwork concept
Dieter SchlensogDistribution
Ove LucasText editing
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