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Werthacker, 2014
Duration: 14.06.2014-07.09.2014
Location: Kaiserberg
Participants: Inhabitants of Werthacker
Visitors: Inhabitants and people visiting the exhibition
Number of Events: 5

Trampelpfade (Trample Trails) closes the series of projects that started with The Resistance of Small Happiness (2010), followed by Glucksspiel (2012) in the German Ruhr area. The project investigated whether collective awareness and responsibilty can arise in a fragmentary organized, vernacular landscape as Kaiserberg, Wethacker. With a mobile museum it displayed active groups in the area and researched the possibilities to bring the various players closer together and form a powerful community. During the summer it traveled with various exhibitions in order to show and explore individual and communal themes, plans and desires for the future of the area.
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