Amine Lahrach

Amine Lahrach is an artist interested in performance art, visual art, and slam poetry mainly centered on crisis and Moroccan social and political discourse. Building from everyday idioms and Moroccan social criticism, he seeks to speak from what is normally held as and in common into the discursive field of art. Amine joined Qanat in 2018 and from 2019 has started a long-term performative and participatory research - Kas Lma (or The Last Glass of Water), which explores subjectives imaginaries of cities and landscapes in the event of a drought soon to come. Kas Lma was also the starting point for the collective proposal

Training for the Underwater(ed) Land, run at BAK (Utrecht) in December 2019.
Since 2019, Amine has also been part of the team of LE 18 (Marrakech), where with Soumeya Ait Ahmed and Francesca Masoero conceives and co-runs Derb el Warcha, an experimental school grounded on desires and imaginaries with the children of derb el ferrane.

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