• Jan '22 - Gemaal op Zuid, Rotterdam

    Harboring the Social, Rotterdam Social Harbor - Moving Words

    Photo: Lavina Xausa
    Photo: Lavina Xausa
    Harboring the Social is my ongoing research that reflects on caring for each other in a changing city. To open up new spaces for collectivity, solidarity and connection. Taking place over many years with many collaborators resulting in multiple manifestations.

    The latest of which is ‘Social Harbor - Moving Words’, a light installation, where artists, residents, poets and other makers are invited to reflect on the continuous crisis and the current situation in our city. Exploring questions such as: How do we communicate with each other? How do we give words to our current situation? How do we meet each other? How do we take care of each other? How do we move forward?

    Everyday displaying new poetic perspectives, stories, statements, calls and messages as part of the program ‘Studio Paleis Maashaven’ from Sculpture international Rotterdam, the installation is attached to the facade of the Gemaal op Zuid at the Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative, visible from the Afrikaandermarket. These words function as anchors to the ways in which we can live together in this time of ‘global breakdown’.

    We kicked off with words by Pelumi Adejumo, Merve Bedir, Leana Boven, Mohammed Amine Lahrach – QANAT, Sayonara Stutgard, Nassima el Idrissi – Spraakuhloos, Recht op de Stad, Joke Schot & Roland Huguenin, Wessel Klootwijk, the Woonopstand, a new (collective) space in Hong Kong, Wider Perspectives and Cengiz Mengüç.
  • May '21 - Rotterdam

    Mahkazin . مخازن, an exhibition by Qanat

    I invited Qanat Collective as part of our collective research 'Qanat training for the Not-Yet' and my personal research around 'Harboring the Social' to Rotterdam. Hosted at the Afrikaanderwijk Cooperative at the Gemaal op Zuid in Rotterdam South, but resonating with, or resounding from other territories, Makhazin . مخازن adopts the politics and poetics of water and its infrastructures as an entry point in order to establish a dialogue between the water-based harbour city of Rotterdam (NL), the land-based one of Marrakech (MA), and the sea-less [read dispossessed] one of Ramallah (PS).

    Makhazin . مخازن becomes an exhibition composed by indoor and outdoor installations, and a set of online / offline conversations and screenings.

    As a punctual public outcome of the ongoing action-research developed by different QANAT constituencies throughout Morocco, Makhazin . مخازن proposes diverse installations unpacking some of the processes, tools, devices, and geographies of transformation that water reveals, the exhibition also enlists a number of practices of commoning and forms of social harboring that keep irrigating the grounds of Marrakech specifically, and Morocco more generally, notwithstanding the neoliberal turn state-based policies have endorsed since decades.

    In dialogue with my reflection on the modes in which we can train ourselves for a ‘Not Yet’ possibly soon to come, what Qanat propose is therefore not so much to polarise around our respective environmental, socio-economic, or migratory emergencies, but to rather rely on, and ally with our common or sharable emergences: those sprouts emerging even from fractured or polluted grounds.

    In contemporary Morocco the term makhzen (مخزن) in its singular form is...
  • Sep '20 - BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

    BAK 2020 Fellowship program: exploring the possibilities of art as a public good and a site of public pedagogies

    The BAK 2020 Fellowship program is a three-month program, taking place in autumn 2020, organized in two parallel strands. Within the first strand, nine Fellowships are awarded to practitioners engaged with local communities and struggles for developing a focus on long lasting, mutual support with and through BAK as a public art institution. As former BAK Fellow I join this strand as BAK Associate to conceptually guide the research and work on forms of proximity and building connections. Within the second strand, six Fellowships are awarded to researchers within the network freethought for developing their research on “spectral infrastructures.”
  • Jun '20 -

    Qanat Cura

    The collective opening and first release of Qanat Cura is on air since yesterday!
    Dig more into our web launch, collective video opening and the upcoming project(s) via

    With contributions by: Abdellah M. Hassak, Amine Lahrach, Louisa Aarrass, Rim Naïr, George Bajalia, Jeanne Van Heeswijk, Sara Frikech, Francesca Masoero, Nassim Azarzar, Edouard Sors, Shayma Nader, Jerome Giller and many more soon to be announced
  • May '20 -

    A Call for New Organizational and Collective Forms After COVID19

    Join us May 1st (Europe: 20:00 / 2:00pm EST) for our Urban Front launch event and live webinar with
    David Harvey, colleague and member of #urbanfront

    Urban Front is a transnational consultancy focused on helping progressive public and social sectors achieve their goals as they address the critical urban problems of the 21st century.

    Worldwide, Urban Front works to make cities more equitable by connecting grassroots knowledge and infrastructures to our own committed areas of expertise, by being a bridge between progressive governments and organizations in charge of implementing public measures.
  • Oct '19 - Pauwstraat 13A, 3512 TG Utrecht

    Trainings for the Not-Yet (14 Sep 2019–12 Jan 2020) at BAKbasis

    Opening Trainings for the Not-Yet bij BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 14/15 september 2019, foto: Tom Janssen
    Opening Trainings for the Not-Yet bij BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 14/15 september 2019, foto: Tom Janssen
    Trainings for the Not-Yet
    An exhibition as a series of trainings for a future of being together otherwise, convened with a multitude of collaborators by Jeanne van Heeswijk and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

    Jeanne van Heeswijk, Laura Raicovich, Adelita Husni-Bey, Patricia Kaersenhout, Shumaila Anwar, Habiba Chrifi-Hammoudi, Joy Mariama Smith, Adrian Piper, Denise Valentine, Nancy Jouwe, Black Quantum Futurism, Chloë Bass, Beatrice Catanzaro, Kolar Aparna, Mehbratu Efrem Gebreab, Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Clara Balaguer, Gabriel Fontana, Fran Ilich, Jun Saturay, Ying Que, Bakudapan Food Study Group, Michael Rakowitz, Afrikaanderwijk Coöperatie, Superuse Studios, Freehouse, De Voorkamer, W.A.G.E, Philadelphia Assembled, Staci Bu Shea, Laced-Up Project, Whitney Stark, Carmen Papalia, Zein Nakhoda, Homebaked Community Land Trust (CLT), Homebaked Bakery, Homegrown Collective, Selçuk Balamir, Joska Ottjes, Irene Calabuch Mirón, Ethel Baraona Pohl, We Are Here, Elke Uitentuis, Abdulaal Hussein, Paul de Bruyne, New Women Connectors, Lieneke Dwars, Stranded FM, Welkom in Utrecht, Gabriel Erlach, Ultra-red, Mustapha Seray Bah, Goldsmith.Company, Extinction Rebellion Utrecht, Angel Bat Dawid, the Basic Activist Kitchen