It's OK...The Schadow of the Moon

Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Sep 2023

The Shadow of the Moon occurs both online and in place from June 2023 - April 2024, with localised moments in Amsterdam (September 2023), Marrakech (January 2024) and Johannesburg (March 2024).

The first gathering takes place in Amsterdam from 18-25 September 2023 with various workshops, encounters and events as part of the closing of It’s OK…Commoning Uncertainties, September 22nd and 23rd at Oude Kerk Amsterdam.

Stay Tuned!

Initiated by QANAT @qanat_collective , ungovernable & Jeanne van Heeswijk @jeanneworks, The Schadow of the Moon is a practice of sharing tactics, strategies and deeply rooted histories of resistance that might serve as a library or toolset for how to approach our times, and the troubles we are called to respond to.

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It's OK... commoning uncertainties