It's OK... Twijfel-cirkel #4

Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Jul 2023

t's OK... Twijfel-circle #4
12 juli 2023
15:00 – 17:00
Gathering on the concept of doubt.

On 12 July, the fourth of eight public circle gathering around 'doubt' will take place. In this circle get-together with Ben Dragstra, who works at the Salvation Army, we will discuss through various reflections the role of doubt in society our personal existence and the neighbourhood we live in.

For this gathering, we have invited PhD student Kamel Essabane to talk about his insights into different forms of doubt and the role doubt plays in his life. As a child, he was already confronted with the diversity and huge contradictions in his living environment, which made him think and doubt at an early age. From this followed a quest that, using philosophers from Europe and the Islamic world, brought him insights into different forms of doubt. Based on Essabane's contribution, we will then discuss doubt.

About Kamel Essabane
Kamel Essabane is a PhD student at Radboud University, researching the contributions of primary Islamic religious education to citizenship education in the Netherlands. He first studied civil engineering in Rotterdam, and then at Utrecht University: Philosophy, Religious Studies and at the religion/life philosophy teacher training programme (first degree). At Fahm Institute, he teaches the Islamic philosophy course and he co-authored the book 'The Son of the Gazelle', a retranslation of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, a classic of Islamic philosophy, which won the public award best philosophical children's book of 2022.

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