'A Homebaked kinda of day'

Breaking Ground festival 2021, Feb 2021

On the 27th of February I will join @homebakedclt for 'A Homebaked kinda of day' as part of the Breaking Ground festival 2021 about community led housing projects. During the day we will be discussing the right to housing, the future of our high streets, sustainability in practice and our creative DNA.

As an artist and Homebakedclt board member I will co-host the last panel of the day "Arts as DNA" from 7:30pm-9:30pm (CET). Where together with Rick Lowe (artist, Houston), Fiona Whelan (artist, Dublin), Amahra Spence (artists, UK) we will be discussing using the arts in the process of imagining and manifesting more just, equitable and caring neighbourhoods. This work weaves through the development of Homebaked and many other durational practices that sustain communities who fight for the right to live well. Event link in bio.

Homebaked Community Land Trust is situated on the boundary of Everton and Anfield just opposite Liverpool Football Club. The organisation is run by local residents and stakeholders, who together propose a process of community-led regeneration of parts of our High Street. At the heart of the scheme is the revival of our iconic neighbourhood bakery building as a successful community business run by our sister organization Homebaked Cooperative Bakery, a long-term affordable home and a place for people to share ideas and learn from and with each other. We are in the process of developing the row of 9 houses next to the bakery into 8 beautiful homes for affordable rent and several new business spaces.