Participant in MOMA's Contemporary Art Forum

Moma, NYC, May 2013

Art At Large: Artmaking in the Long View

May 2, 6pm
May 3, 10am-5pm
Celeste Bartos Theater

This year’s Contemporary Art Forum focuses on long-term, process-based art and its impact on the experience of art. These practices pose interesting questions today, when the proliferation of biennials, exhibitions, and publications has resulted in both a boom in art production and a new appreciation for art that takes the long view. While many artists establish concrete goals, the processes we are interested in examining may span the lifetime of the artist, require ongoing participation or discussion, and be linked more to research and exploration than to a pre-established plan. As such, these projects may not culminate in an end product or be able to be regarded or displayed as an "artwork." Through a series of conversations, presentations, and "experiences," artists, curators, and writers explore how these challenges to the constraints of time and the expectations of final product and finality force viewers and participants to reconsider the role of art in society.

Participants: Brooke Anderson, France Morin, Rick Lowe, Trevor Paglen, Raumlabor Berlin, Sally Tallant, Julieta Aranda, Yukinori Yanagi, Terry Smith, Tan Lin, Doryun Chong, Svetlana Boym, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Jens Hoffmann, Glenn Wharton,

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