Qanat Cura

, Jun 2020

An online exhibition programme of Qanat Cura opens on 25th July with materie di cura | matters of care, a proposal curated by Francesca Masoero.

Resonating with the general framework set by Cura, materie di cura | matters of care aims at both exploring and sustaining different forms of care, solidarity, and struggle, each grounded in some of the current material, environmental, political-economic, relational, and epistemological matters affecting our worlds. Indeed, instead of projecting towards the light at the end of the tunnel, the argument underlying this proposal is that in order to start practicing radically renewed forms of solidarity and care, we should start looking at and relating to those practices and modes of being together that emerge from within ‘dark’ matters and times of ‘crisis’.

With Radio Earth Hold (Rachel Dedman, Arjuna Neuman, Laure de Selys), Siyada/the North African Network of Food Sovereignty (feat. Nadir Bouhmouch & Soumeya Ait Ahmed), Halqa f’Dar/Awal (feat. Abderrazak Baba, Mohamed Bariz, Hajiba al Maqori Azalia, conceived with Soumeya Ait Ahmed and Abdellah Hassak), and the Trainings for the Not-Yet (Jeanne van Heeswijk).

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