The Schadow of the Moon

, Sep 2023

The Shadow of the Moon occurs both online and in place from June 2023 - April 2024, with localised moments in Amsterdam (September 2023), Marrakech (January 2024) and Johannesburg (March 2024).

The first gathering takes place in Amsterdam from 18-25 September 2023 with various workshops, encounters and events as part of the closing of It’s OK…Commoning Uncertainties at the Oude Kerk.

Stay Tuned!

Initiated by QANAT @qanat_collective, ungovernable & Jeanne van Heeswijk @jeanneworks, The Schadow of the Moon is a practice of sharing tactics, strategies and deeply rooted histories of resistance that might serve as a library or toolset for how to approach our times, and the troubles we are called to respond to.

We come together with the understanding that in what feels to be the ‘end of livable time’, it is especially crucial to exchange practices, connect communities and learn from each other’s stories, notwithstanding the specificity and distinctions of our geographies. We assemble to gather chronicles of endurance, transformation, regeneration, their continuous laboring or newly emergence. We meet at a crossroad to recognise and celebrate the radical potential of collective myth, story and the speculative for finding our way in uncertain times.

Periods of uncertainty and fragmented spaces have historically served as times of immense potential for both negative and positive change. While History has often staged and recorded the making and unmaking of the world by dominant and often oppressive forces, what happens in their shadows?

Drawing from our respective work and questions, The Schadow of the Moon takes as its point of departure the notion of, and the conditions for commoning uncertainty, and what our contemporary period of flux and crisis calls for from community and artistic practice.

The Schadow of the Moon looks at collective imaginary as the place of power from which to respond to this uncertainty and the site where underworlds, other-worlds come to form.

The Schadow of the Moon is supported by a grant from Stimuleringsfonds.