#TFTNY 15 - Community Futurisms Training with Black Quantum Futurism

, Nov 2019

The fifteenth training as part of Trainings for the Not-Yet is with Black Quantum Futurism, and takes places 20-22 November 2019 (Wednesday-Friday). This training consists of neighbourhood walks, freestyle poetry, soundscapes, building a toolbox to help reverse gentrification, interactive lecture, and building quantum event maps and quantum time capsules.

This training with Black Quantum Futurism (BQF) unfolds in three parts spread over three days:

Anthropology of Consciousness uses field sounds gathered on neighborhood walks and freestyle poetry to awaken past and future memories of a particular location, some of which are transformed into soundscapes and poetry zines.

In Housing Futures and Black Space Agency, BQF explores the impact of redevelopment, gentrification, and displacement in their home city, specifically the neighborhood of North Philadelphia, considering especially how these issues impact on vulnerable groups, like survivors and migrants. In response, BQF offer practical strategies for countering these deprivations and equipping individuals with tools to help reverse gentrification, with the aim of creating conditions necessary for temporal autonomy and spatial agency. This session considers the role of oral futures in preserving community memories and the importance of embracing alternative temporalities when envisioning generative futures for affordable housing.

DIY Time Travel and Quantum Event Mapping is an interactive lecture exploring the history of linear time constructs, time travel, and notions of the future. In this presentation, BQF contrasts dominant Western linear time constructs with Afrodiasporan traditions of space and time and Black futurist time travel. The following participatory session explores how people can use everyday tools and objects to time travel. The participants consider how to build quantum event maps and quantum time capsules.

When: 20-22 November, Daily, 14–16 hrs.
On 23 November (Saturday) a public event will take place at 20-22 hrs.

Participation: This is a three-day training. It is possible to join on individual days, although attending the training in its entirety is encouraged.
Language: English

Tickets (via Eventbrite):
Individual days: €10 normal/€7.50 student discount
Combi ticket (three days): €24 normal/€18 student discount
Tickets include daily snacks made by the Basic Activist Kitchen.