It's OK... Circle 6: Calibrating Intimacies #2

Oude Kerk Amsterdam, Sep 2023

It's OK... Circle 6: Calibrating Intimacies #2
01 september 2023
16:00 – 19:00
Site-specific performance.

This circle, brought together by artist and educator Joy Mariama Smith, explores intimacy and how it is intrinsic to the sacred, with the Oude Kerk as the primary site for these explorations. Consent practice is at the root of this investigation. Together with Ciro Goudsmit, Dylan Spencer-Davidson, Justin F. Kennedy, Keith Hennessy, Philipp Meyer-Hege, and other guests they engage in movement and vocal research around the collective space of safety/sacred/sanctuary.

The circle presents their research on 1 September through a series of duets that allow intimacy to emerge.

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