Lecture at Hardcore This-That (WdKA Social Practices)

Willem de Kooning Academie, Wijnhaven 61, 3011 WJ Rotterdam, Nov 2018

November 7 (day two)
Willem de Kooning Academy
Auditorium (WH.0.116), Wijnhaven 61, 3011 WJ Rotterdam
Open to All

Starting October 31, the theory lecture programme for Social Practices begins. Two hardcore days of lectures, interviews, and reading groups (with frequent breaks for resting, eating, and leisure). Cultural workers connected to the field of social practice will present their work in relation to theoretical texts that were meaningful to them. They will take theory and practice into account as a deictic pair of processes that cannot be fully understood without referring to each other. Theory understood as indexical (pointing) to practice. Practice undertaken as a result or catalyst for theory.

Sean Yendrys. Concerning alternative learning space(s) as playful resistance to the institution

Seasonal Neighbours. On designing (speculative) public space for migrant agricultural labourers

Jeanne Van Heeswijk. Regarding embedded artistic research as a thoughtful community performance