Kristin Schwab


Kristin Schwab is passionate about using her love of food and cooking to build community, dismantle oppression, and work towards collective liberation. A native to the Philadelphia area, Kristin grew up in Willow Grove and has lived in West Philadelphia for the last fourteen years. Her ancestors arrived in Philadelphia in the mid 19th century. As a woman of Irish, Pennsylvania Dutch, and German descent, she is deeply committed to uprooting white supremacy. Her life’s journey has taken her from being a cook who uses food to build bridges and tear down walls to being a trainer who facilitates group collaboration, communication, and analyses of systems of power. Since 2006, she has played a lead role in youth empowerment and food justice work across the city. In addition to working on Philadelphia Assembled, Kristin is the Co-op Organizer for the Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance. She has a BA in Individualized Studies from Goddard College with a focus on popular education, solidarity economics, and food sovereignty.

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