Anfield Home Tour

Cunard Building, Liverpool, Oct 2012

Join a heritage tour through the North Liverpool neighbourhood of Anfield, with your guide, Carl Ainsworth. Discover places of interest and local landmarks in the Anfield neighbourhood. The tour will explore the past and present of housing politics and the impact that regeneration has had on the local community. End the tour at Mitchell's Bakery and share coffee and cake with some of the local people involved in 2Up 2Down.

Original concept: Jeanne van Heeswijk
Co-devised and directed by theatre maker and local resident Britt Jurgensen,
Written by novelist and local resident Deborah Morgan
Co-devised and performed by Graham Hicks
With original writing, input and performance from Anfield and Everton residents.

Each Saturday during the Liverpool Biennial. Start 11.30 at the Cunard Building.
Booking essential. Phone 004 (0)8452202800 or call into the Biennial Hub at the Bluecoat.

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