Works, Typologies and Capacities at STUK

STUK, Leuven, Feb 2012

From the 14th to the 23rd this monumental installation will be shown at art centre STUK in Leuven as Jeanne van Heeswijks contribution to the Artefact Festival. Theme of the 11th edition of the festival is The Social Contract.

Works, Typologies and Capacities 1993 - 2012 is a 3D version of the website It was completely updated and now exists of over 3.500 potatoes from 27 different races. Each potato is a person/organisation that participated in the realisation of Jeanne's art projects and each race stands for a line of work.

The installation also includes a 2D map with a legend and the website all made by Maurits de Bruijn. It was shown only two times before, at NGBK (Berlin, Germany) and De Paviljoens (Almere, Netherlands).

Artefact Festival 2012
Art Centre STUK
Naamsestraat 96
B – 3000 Leuven

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Works, Typologies and Capacities