Symposium DEAF07: 'Interact or Die!'

NAi, Rotterdam, Apr 2007

Jeanne van Heeswijk is one of the lecturers at this symposium that is held at the 14th of april as part of the 2007 Dutch Electronic Art Festival organized by V2. The theme of the symposium is the ways organization and structure come about, and become effective, through interaction within networks. Interaction does not come into being on the basis of rigid blueprints or detailed plans with clear-cut goals; it proceeds messily, in an exploratory, flexible way. Interactive art is, in short, an open kind of art, one that permits multiple perceptions, though not every perception. In interactive art, perception becomes action, and the action of perceiving adds something to the work. The act of perceiving thereby becomes the act of making the work. The speakers in the symposium consider this question from artistic, architectonic, social, political, biological and cognitive perspectives.Other speaker are: Detlef Mertins, Lars Spuybroek, Howard Caygill and Noortje Marres.

Date: April 14 2007
Time: 11.00 - 18.00
Location: Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
Admission: 50,- Euro's