Social Practice Library (SPL)

Sint Andriesstraat 194, Rotterdam, Mar 2023

In 2023, we are planning to open the Social Practice Library (SPL) at Studio Jeanneworks located at Rotterdam-South. A library dedicated to literature focusing on public art, alternative education, and activism. In 30 years of experience, I have collected books that guided my practice and from collaborators that extend beyond art into many disciplines. People visiting the studio started to browse through it and borrow them. The SPL is a collection of materials that overlap art, politics, urban planning, architecture, economics, philosophy, and activism-creating easy engagement between topics that all connect to social practice.

Karen Batino, working at the studio, has been researching and archiving books, publications and other items for months now. 1000 books went through her hands, many more to come. In this post you’ll spot Karen and see some bits of found objects, print material and books that have been archived so far. Which book should be included for sure? Reach out to

With special thanks to CBK Rrotterdam for kickstarting the research and the many contributors I have crossed paths with and send books in the past. Soon we start workshopping the archive with guests as we move towards opening up.