'Cascomobile' at the Busan Biennale

Jangjeon-dong Station Busan, Sep 2006

From the 16th of September till the 25th of November the 'Cascomobile' will be presented at the Busan Biennale in South-Korea. During it's stay in Korea, the 'Cascomobile' will provide a space for presentation and communication to various local artists. The Biennale will be held in and around the Busan Museum of Modern Art, Haeudae Beach, Busan Yachting Center, Busan Biennale Pavilion, etc.

From September 16 to October 8 the 'Cascomobile' is located in the Graffiti area around Busan University Station at the Oncheoncheon stream. Hun Ju Koo (aka. K-2) is the first artist-manger of the 'Cascomobile' and will make some new graffiti pieces in and around the 'Cascomobile' which are dealing with how the young generation is longing to be independent. How chronic unemployment and the housing situation (having to live with your parents) make young people feel lost. Further more he will also present works of his colleagues, as well as his selection of music. Alongside he invites the audience to come along and spray paint their own wall drawing with the help of special made stencils.

Upcoming programs: 'Projecting Busan' from October 14 to November 5 moving up and down the stream and 'Mimicking Seoul' November 4 -25 near the ecological area around Jangjeon-dong Station.


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